Bible 9

Bible 9

 Bible 9 reading schedule

The image of a journey and a mountain climb come to mind as we explore what it means to live the Christian life.  The grade 9 Bible course invites you to explore what it means to live the Christian way of life, while maturing in your understanding of what the Bible says about God’s plan for your life.  It will also help prepare you to be a witness to others about the Gospel (good news).

Overview of the Scriptures

God’s word is foundational to understanding our relationship to God, our neighbors and ourselves.  In order to understand God’s will for our lives, we must know what the Bible says.

  • Review of the basic themes that are woven through scripture
  • Review of the books of the Bible
  • Review of the ten commandments

Passion Project

Students will pursue a project of their own choosing through which they will put their faith into action, in an area of personal passion. It is intended to link students’ talents, gifts, and passions with a desire to truly be one of “God’s children making the world a better place.”

Apologetics/Current Issues

This unit is an introduction into the world of Biblical apologetics: “How can we know that the Christian faith is real?”  For some, it may help clarify questions they may have concerning faith.  For others, it may be the catalyst God uses to convince them of their faith.  In our society today where nothing is accepted as fact and truth is merely what one feels is personally right, this unit is timely.  

  • What does a Christian believe?
  • How can I prove Christianity is true?

God's Story Journal Project

Throughout the year, students will spend time each day reading and reflecting on the story of Bible by using Jon Nielsen's book "The Story, The Bible's Grand Narrative of Redemption" devotion as a guide. It is a unique opportunity to have time to study God's word and understand the story of the Bible. There will be discussion of the content and the key themes from these readings.  


Journal              30%

Coursework       50%

Passion Project  20%