Middle School Choir (Grade 8 and 9)

Middle School Choir (Grade 8/9)

Welcome to Middle School Choir!

The MS choir will be made up of students from Grade 8 and 9. This group will have a good time learning about great choral music and singing techniques, and sharing their work with others. This is not the way we hoped to start the school year but we are going to still offer this class. The requirements are the same but the way we accomplish them will look quite different. Please take a look through the class expectations to note the differences. I am very thankful that we can still offer music classes and I really look forward to working with you this year.

Because of restrictions to the music program due to COVID 19 precautions, there are no in-person concerts planned for this school year. However, we will do virtual concerts as we are able. If things return to normal in the second semester, here are the planned performances:

Concert Dates

November 10 Remembrance Day Assembly (virtual)

Christmas Concert December 18 (virtual)

Choralfest March TBD

Spring Choir Concert May 5 at Emmanuel CRC at 7:00 pm (or virtual)



Music is a gift from God given to ALL His created beings to create and share, thereby giving Him honor and praise, joy to those around us and opportunities to express our faith (Psalm 33, 44,150). Because of sin, we often fail to do this. But since we are God’s children redeemed through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we can be a light to the world. It is here, through our work in this class and our performances in public, we seek to restore God’s original intent for music.

You are a unique image-bearer of Christ and this class is designed to help you develop your gift in music so that you can discover, celebrate, and proclaim, both as an individual and as a group the restorative power of God’s work.  This class will provide you with knowledge, insight, and skills in making music so that you can use music as an expressive of your faith and a faithful and joyful service to God and neighbor.

The music program also allows you to learn how to work together as a group.  Your role in the band is important, and you must produce in order for the whole group to improve and do the best it can.  This is a valuable tool that will be used by you long after you leave the school.

The class will not be part of the regular schedule this year until the second semester and only then if all restrictions are lifted. We will meet informally in cohort groups when we can and all the work will take place at home and virtually. This course will run all year. 


LEARN, to Shape God’s World though Music

Community Builders

  • Talent – you all have different levels of ability.  Improve what you have been given!
  • Encouragement – help and encourage others in your class
  • Sharing – using and sharing your gifts in class and in concerts

Image Reflectors– Good attitude is shown by having all you materials for class, be part of the class and participate, be positive, and try to do things in a different way.

Creation Enjoyers– Practice.  There are no shortcuts in music but the reward is great.



Service in Discipleship and Christian Attitude

30% - Virtual Concerts

This is mandatory. You will need to submit your own recordings of your performance of our ensemble pieces. This will be put together and made into a virtual performance which will be shared with the school community.

In case this last paragraph made you panic, don't. It will be similar to what we did last spring: you will be given lots of time and online/video help with this. The only difference is that your video submissions will be returned with more specific feedback and you will need to do a few takes.

Service by developing your gifts for Beauty Creating

25% - Virtual lessons. Once a month for 15 minutes, you will have a short virtual lessons with me or a clinician. These lessons will check for the fundamentals of singing (see list above) and give you ideas of what you can keep working on. To prepare for this, regular practice is strongly encouraged (10 to 15 minutes each day).

25% - Singing Tests  (Ensemble pieces will be assigned for the test. You will do a singing test every month and turn in a video of your performance)

20% - Class work (worksheets, written tests, and projects)

Bonus Marks (up to 9% of total grade/report card period) will be given for participation in:

  • other co-curricular activities at school (musicals, membership meetings, etc.)
  • church services as soloist or choir member
  • musical activities outside of school (other choirs, private lessons, honor choirs)
  • extra festival participation (solos, ensembles)

Classes for 2020-2021

Because of COVID restrictions, music classes will only be happening in the assigned cohorts once a week. Since this does not give a lot of time, the students will be working on their own at home using an online music platform called SmartMusic. There, the students will be helped to learn their music and record their work.

Sheet Music for Choir

All students will be receiving a folder and a classroom mailbox for their music. Music may be taken home but must be back for classes. If music is lost or damages, the student will be charged $5 for each octavo. Take good care of your music.


Concert Dress

Concerts are formal events to show what you have done during the year so treat it as such. Concert dress is the black music t-shirt (school will provide free of charge this fall) and black pants.  Please have the appropriate black shoes and socks too!  No track pants or running shoes!



If you have any questions, please ask.  Find a good time and talk to me if you are having difficulties, or if you have any concerns.  You will be amazed at your progress this semester if you follow these guidelines.  Remember, have fun and praise our Lord through your music.