Senior High Music Flex Class

Senior High Music Flex Class

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.  1 Peter 4: 10,11

This class is redesigned to allow all students to learn about a different aspect of music found outside of the performing music classes at CCS. Each student will indicate what they want to learn in the fields listed below and then follow a course of learning agreed upon by the mentor in the class (music educator). The student will work with the mentor at least once a week and use the rest of the time for personal practice or projects.

Worship Teams

More information to come as students sign into the class

Individual Instrument

More information to come as students sign into the class

Music Writing

More information to come as students sign into the class

Audio Production


The students in this class will learn about the physics of sound, the basics of music literacy and terminology, the basics of the hardware and software used in audio production, and many hours of practice.




This course will focus on learning the mechanics and the manipulation of sound through analog and digital equipment and software programs. Each week, you will be learning different aspects of audio production and will create your own work.  The earlier projects will show an understanding of sound and sound manipulation but the later projects will reflect the same plus a chance to express what you believe.

The students in this class will also be sharing their knowledge by operating the sound for the Middle and High school chapels, plus mentor elementary students on the use of their equipment.

  1. Focused Listening
  2. Theory and Notation clefs
  3. Ear Training aural and visual 8 to 16 beat rhythm
  4. Music Making
  5. Science of Sound
    1. basics, frequency, wave forms, harmonics
    2. Synthesis
      1. Analogue and digital control
      2. Volume and pitch envelopes
      3. controllers and wave forms
  6. Midi Interfaces
  7. Sound reinforcement amps, connectors, speakers, etc.
  8. Sequencing
    1. real time recording, quantizing, multiple tracks, multi timbral, loops
    2. Multi track recording

Software and Hardware

Software – Garageband on the school ipads, Sequel 2, Protools 12, or personal software.

Hardware – portable recording studio, dynamic and condensor mics, interfaces, mixing boards and amps


75% Assignments

25% Live audio production time and recording.

Field Trips

NMC and recording studio in Calgary

Class Expectations

  1. You must have pen, paper and previous notes for every class. If you are trying to go paperless, all handout and exercises can be given electronically - just let me know.
  2. We will be working with lots of equipment (school’s and church’s) that is quite expensive. You are responsible for this equipment while in your possession and will need to repair it if damaged. Learn how to properly care for the equipment.
  3. Many assignments will be done on software (Sequel 2, Garageband, ProTools 12) and you will be expected to provide electronic copies of your audio file projects. If you want to use your own recording software, you are welcome to do so.  We have dedicated ipads for this class and 2 mobile music recording labs.
  4. You will be working with individuals (pros in the field and budding musicians) and must treat them politely and with respect. If there is a conflict, hear the other side and if your reason is still better, explain it.
  5. All assignments that reflect your own creative genius must show what you believe is important (answering the question “Why am I producing this?”)