Senior Choir

Senior High Choir

Choral Concert Project

Concert Dates

Remembrance Day November 8

Christmas Performance Day Dec 10 at 10:30am and 1:00pm for Stonecroft Christian Women's Gatherings

Christmas Concert December 11 at 7:00 pm

Choralfest March 13 or 14

Tour to Ontario May 10-15

MusicFest (National Music Festival) 

Spring Choir Concert April 15 at 7:00 pm


Music is a gift from God given to ALL His created beings to create and share, thereby giving Him honor and praise, joy to those around us and opportunities to express our faith (Psalm 33, 44,150). Because of sin, we often fail to do this. But since we are God’s children redeemed through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we can be a light to the world.  It is here, through our work in this class and our performances in public, we seek to restore God’s original intent for music.

You are a unique image-bearer of Christ and this class is designed to help you develop your gift in music so that you can discover, celebrate, and proclaim, both as an individual and as a group the restorative power of God’s work.  This class will provide you with knowledge, insight, and skills in making music so that you can use music as an expressive of your faith and a faithful and joyful service to God and neighbor.

The music program also allows you to learn how to work together as a group.  Your role in the choir is important, and you must produce in order for the whole group to improve and do the best it can.  This is a valuable tool that will be used by you long after you leave the school.

This course is set up as a 5 credit class but because of schedules, students cannot always take it all year.  Students can take the class for a semester as a three-credit class.  Students wishing to pursue this option must be registered in September and are required to arrange times when they can attend class and practice with the choir during the semester they are not in the class.

LEARN, to Shape God’s World though Music

There are three qualities that determine a person’s success – talent, good attitude and hard work.  This is not only true of music but of all areas of life.  Not all of these are in our control.  Good musicians have two of these qualities happening, great musicians have all three.

Community Building:  God gave you music abilities.  Your job here is to develop them to the best of your ability even though it may be less or more than your neighbors.  Think about the parable of the talents.

Image Reflecting:  There are several ways in which a good attitude can be communicated in class and in rehearsals:

  • be prepared for class
  • participate enthusiastically in class, rehearsals, and concerts
  • be positive: talk to the teacher privately if you have concerns
  • be interested and open to new ideas and different ways of doing things

Creation Enjoying:  practice.  You need to know your part and have all music memorized for performances.

Classroom Work

As a choir, we need time to develop into a group that sings technically correct and sounds great.  Class time therefore is not merely the rehearsal of choir music but will include:

  • Technical evels (sound production, singing technique)
  • Sight singing and ear training
  • Theory
  • Listening (critical listening, elements of music)
  • Music History

The emphasis of this class is performing as a group and we will take every opportunity to perform in public.  Scheduled performances and various others (as they come up) are part of the course.


Service in Discipleship and Christian Attitude

25% - Concerts 

Concert attendance is sharing your gift and therefore is mandatory. Your fellow choristers are counting on you to be there.  Make note of these events and book off time at work.  The tour is also part of the course and all students are expected to participate in the fund-raisers to help those who cannot afford the total cost of the tour.

Service in developing your gifts

50% - Singing Tests

Testing of vocal technique and pieces assigned for the test.  Vocal tests will happen once a month in small groups of same voices initially and later in SATB quartets (one per part).

10% - Theory Levels

This is an individualized theory program.  You are expected to complete 6 units (30 levels) for the year.  You will start where you left off from the previous year or where you need to start.  If you are doing a theory program through the Royal Conservatory, you may use this and I will discuss how this will happen with you personally.

10% - Class work

5% - Concert Project (see above)

Bonus Marks (up to 9% of total grade/report card period) will be given for participation in:

  • other co-curricular activities at school (musicals, membership meetings, etc.)
  • church services as soloist or choir member
  • musical activities outside of school (other choirs, private lessons, honor choirs)
  • extra festival participation (solos, ensembles)


You are responsible for their music and all lost or damaged music can be replaced by paying Calgary Christian High School’s music department $5 per title.  A music folder will be provided for you.

Concert Dress

In order to look as good as we will sound, all music students in Senior high will need the following formal clothes for concerts and festivals:

  • Green fitted shirts - You will buy this through the school and is yours to keep ($30) 
  • School tie provided by the school for guys (optional for the girls)
  • Your own black pants (both guys and girls)
  • Your own black socks and black shoes.
  • There will also be a casual dress: blue jeans and the school issued t-shirt.


If you have any questions, please ask.  Find an appropriate time to me if you are having difficulties, or if you have any concerns.  You will be amazed at your progress this year if you follow these guidelines.  Remember, have fun and praise our Lord through your music.