Annual Senior High Music Tours

Tour to Ontario May 10-15, 2020

Hi everyone:

The music tours at CCS are on the following rotation, thus guaranteeing everyone a big tour:

Year 1 - Local tour in Alberta

Year 2 - Tour to neighboring province (longer bus tour)

Year 3 - Tour to Central or Eastern Canada (flying)

Tour to Ontario 2020

This year's tour is an exchange with the music students in Smithville, Ontario. They will travel here in April, 2020 and we will travel there May 10-15, 2020. Stay tuned for the details of the tour. 


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Previous Tours 

2020 Smithville and Toronto - postponed COVID-19 Pandemic

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2017 Edmonton/Three Hills

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2014 Lethbridge and Musicale (Three Hills)

2013 Southern Alberta

2012 Sun Peaks Festival in Kamloops

2011 Whistler Music Festival and Vancouver

2010 Nelson Music Festival

2009 Markham National Music Festival and Toronto

2008 PEI and Nova Scotia

2007 Southern Alberta Tour

2006 Whistler Music Festival

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2002 Edmonton